Hire Event Security Guards

While hosting a party or event could be thrilling, it has specific security concerns. In addition, the safety of your guests and property can become compromised.

It is crucial to hire event security guards to maximize security and ensure a successful event. Therefore, this article will explore the advantages of hiring event security guards.

Event Security Types

Event security is facing more challenges day by day. Most importantly, Events have changed a lot in the past few decades. Thus, here are the types of events for which we usually provide our security services:

  • Private Parties: From a birthday party to an anniversary or the privacy of your home – our event security guards can protect your guests and property.
  • Corporate Events include conferences, trade shows, retreats, and shareholder meetings.
  • Weddings: Uninvited guests may invade wedding ceremonies and receptions and cause a disturbance.
  • Concerts and Festivals: Events like concerts, fairs, and outdoor functions have a large audience.
  • Sporting Events: Some sporting events will attract enthusiasts at workplaces and high schools and might cause disruptions.
  • Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Trade shows and exhibitions attract multiple businesses and attendees.
  • Charity Events: Fundraising events and charity sessions require comprehensive planning for security purposes.
  • Political Rallies and Campaign Events: Supporters and protesters are often vulnerable to political events, which can become emotional.
  • Red Carpet Events: There are high-security standards for exclusive premieres, award shows, and high-profile red carpet events.
  • Social Events: Our guards are competent enough to offer complete event security services for various social events such as galas and balls, community gatherings, and fundraisers.

At Sentinel EP, We have made only a few points on the list. Surprisingly, we can make customized plans for your event. So, Contact us for further information about our event security services, including a quote based on your specific needs.

Now, let's see why we can serve our client's demands.

Experience and Professionalism

For at least 25 years, our well-trained professionals have effectively handled security on numerous occasions. We ensure extensive training of our guards to handle security threats extensively. Besides, they have everything needed to handle any situation. We also have a good industry reputation for delivering high-quality customer service.

Threat Prevention

Our team undertakes prior planning and performs threat assessments. It helps us to identify possible security risks and find ways to avoid them.
The process involves security sweeping the venues, parking lots, ushers, access and egress management, and crowd control. Our security team keeps the capacity to control entry into your event, maintain order, and look after each guest during the event.

Managing Intoxicated Guests

Large numbers of people drinking and alcohol lead to rowdy behavior, fights, and even violence. Our trained guards recognize escalating behaviors and use proven verbal and physical methods to control them.
Party-goers get room to enjoy themselves as it maintains the peace. Nevertheless, if the guards' action is ineffective in preserving lawful order, you might find your guests' safety in danger.

Preventing Access to Restricted Areas

Duty Officers and security guards know how to enforce the rules, restrict certain areas from access, and take control of unruly guests.

Foot and vehicle patrols patrol the perimeter of your event. Our guards can also liaise with law enforcement authorities, thus making this approach safe and effective for avoiding intruders.

Emergency Response

Our guards are well trained and respond fast during emergencies such as fights, fires, medical episodes, or any other situation that can arise to protect everyone's safety.

Our guards can even perform medical emergency response at any time. Thus, the evacuation and liaise with law enforcement becomes easy for us.

Sum UP

Hire event security guards from Sentinel EP ensures your event runs smoothly, safely, and without any security mishaps. With the ability to identify and prevent threats, we're confident about any emerging security threats.
However, our guards are the perfect solution to ensure your party succeeds. Contact Sentinel today to speak to one of our security specialists and receive a robust and affordable quote for your event security needs.